Fostering a great company culture has never been more important in the war for talent especially among millennials.

The millennial generation value a sense of purpose and want to work for a company with a vision but, above all else, they want to enjoy what they do. With LinkedIn and other social media making it easy to see the range of opportunities available, you've got to make sure that your team don't think the grass is greener elsewhere.

Here are three easy steps to help you attract, recruit and retain the very best millennials:

1. Ensure that they're continually developing: provide a clear idea of what their next step within the business could look like and make sure to focus on their training and CPD to help them get there.

2. Involve them in your vision: give them a creative input into the direction of the business and act on their feedback.

3. Make them feel valued: go above and beyond on a range of small perks (from free tea and coffee to beers on a Friday) and put on fun activities outside the office such as company socials and away weekends.