Reading the article by Rashid Razaq in tonight's London Evening Standard about the lack of  female role models in science, technology and engineering adds to the debate about how we need to effect change so that there are no barriers to entry for women in choosing their careers. Once chosen there should also be every reason for them to expect to reach the top positions in their chosen field. 

We could be considered fortunate in the PR industry that there is not a lack of women as we make up 2/3rds of the workforce - however we are still a very long way to achieving parity when it comes to the boardroom and according to the recent GWPR global gender pay gap survey there is a £12,600 pay gap to close!

The gender pay gap message and missed talent opportunities need to be highlighted for us to create a more balanced workforce which in turn leads to having better businesses.

Thursday is Equal Pay Day - the symbolic day of the year when campaigners say that the average women's pay loses parity with the average man's pay....